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Lip Blushing is a form or semi-permanent makeup applied by an aesthetician or permanent makeup artist. Lip blushing is a subtle lip tattoo that uses natural shades of organic pigment to enhance the beauty of your lips.  The purpose of lip blushing is to boost your natural lip color.  Lip blushing also improve or correct the shape of your lips, and add definition to lip borders.  Lip blushing also create the illusion of fullness.

While lip fillers actually add volume to your lips, a lip blush tattoo gives the illusion of volume by adding pigments.  Lip blushing delivers natural-looking finish that may elevate your look in a more subtle way than a lip injection.

Lip blushing procedure is done by depositing small dots of pigments in the lips using a mechanical needle or tattoo machine.  This is typically done in layers with different configurations, to the results looks natural and even

If you decide to have a lip blushing treatment, your aesthetician will work with you to decide on the right lip tint shade and shape.  Since lip blushing is a semi-permanent procedure, you may want to avoid seasonal trends and instead focus on what looks best on your skin stone. If you’re considering lip blushing treatment, we recommend you to try on a range of neutral lipstick colors beforehand.  You can bring in a color you love and ask the aesthetician to match it. You can also bring reference photos to share your desired color and shape to give your technician an idea how you want your lip blushing to look.

Here’s what you can expect on your lip blushing treatment.  First the technician applies a topical anesthetic to the lips.  It will take 20-25 minutes to start working.  Whilte you’re waiting for the numbing to work, your technician will go over your desired lip color and shape.  If you brought a reference photos, you would share them at this time.  Then the technician wlll then wipe off the cream and start the lip blushing procedure.  They will start by tattooing the outline of your lips, similar to a lip liner.  Then then they will fill them in.  Your lip will be pigmented by a mechanical needle that deposits color in layers.  The process can take anywhere between 1-3 hours.

In lip blushing procedure, because our lips will be numbed with a topical cream, you likely won’t feel more than a slight stinging sensation.  Some compare it to the feeling of using a strong lip scrubs.  If you’re concerned, talk to the technician beforehand for reassurance.

Lip blushing can lasts 3-5 years, depending on the desired look.  For comparison’s sake, lip fillers required touch up every3-12 months while lip blushing requires 12-18 months in a fraction of cost of lip fillers.

After a lip blushing treatment, you may see some of the following changes to your lips; swelling, flacking, peeling, dryness, strong pigmentation stronger color than you were expecting this is due to oxidation.  These changes will vary from person to person and will likely to go away as y our lips heal.

To keep your lip blushing results vibrant, follow yoaur technician’s instructions.  These instructions will typically contain advice such as: keep the lips moisturized with lip balm, avoid heavy exercise where you sweat, avoid other activities that may make you sweat, like intense sun exposure, avoid drinking dark liquids, and avoid using whitening toothpaste.