Through emerging technologies, more beauty techniques are also arising. Hence, the wider range of ways to remove body hair, be it permanent or temporary hair removal. But which is the best choice? What hair removal method is the best and most effective for you? To answer these questions, we will differentiate the two most popular methods of removing unwanted body hair: laser hair removal and waxing.

Laser hair removal and waxing are both recommended by estheticians and are equally effective. But why do some people prefer laser hair removal to the latter and some go for a wax application rather than getting lasered? While both are highly effective, the pain, procedure, and outcome can differ. Keep on reading to know more, and make the best choice.

How it Works

Waxing: Waxing works by uprooting the hair using hot wax, an applicator, and a fabric strip. The process is relatively simple. It involves applying hot wax on the skin in the hair growth’s direction, and then spreading a fabric strip, like muslin, on top, and finally, pulling the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, removing it from the skin together with the unwanted hairs.

Choosing a good technician will be beneficial for you to reap the most out of the process. With the proper technique, waxing should pull off the hair from the follicle, leaving no traces of hair behind. However, the follicle remains on the skin’s dermis layer, which still produces hair after some time. Waxing removes the hair to make the skin smooth for a couple of weeks, and then you need to book a new appointment again to remove the new growth.

Laser Hair Removal: This process is more complicated than waxing. Laser hair removal involves the permanent destruction of the follicle, which inhibits or delays hair growth. A high-powered laser is used to penetrate the skin and remove body hair.

The process typically begins by cooling and numbing the skin area that will be lasered with a cooling device or a gel. The technician will then press the laser to the area, and the heat destroys the hair follicles. The service doesn’t end in only one session. Several treatments are necessary to achieve smooth skin that can last up to several months or years. Some might need a touch-up now and then.

Pros and Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of waxing and laser hair removal can help you decide what to choose. Weigh these things carefully and make the best decision.

Waxing Pros

  • Less expensive in the short run. For a single session, waxing is way cheaper than laser hair removal. However, it may not be the same case in the long run if you get wax treatment regularly for years. It may cost you more than the other methods of removing body hair.
  • Effective for everyone. Waxing works well for all types of skin and hair. Whatever your skin color, skin tone, hair color, or hair texture is, waxing is always a good option.
  • You can do it at home. There are many DIY waxing treatments you can find on the Internet and in physical stores. However, it’s best to have a professional do it for you to avoid skin irritation.

Waxing Cons

  • It can be painful. If you have tried waxing any area of your body, you will agree to this. It’s even more painful if you have sensitive skin, and if the waxing is done on sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms, and ears.
  • It can cause ingrown hairs. Since waxing doesn’t eradicate the follicle, but only disrupts the hair growth, the hair that grows back could become ingrown. Ingrown hairs can put you at risk for infections.
  • Waxing doesn’t leave your skin smooth and hair-free always. If you are to receive a regular waxing service, you have to grow at least a quarter-inch of hair on the area for the wax to hold onto. This means you have to bear a bit of body hair in between your waxing treatment sessions.
  • Time-consuming. The result of waxing usually lasts for six weeks depending on various factors, but you’ll probably start to see new hair growth after 3 or 4 weeks, and you might want to get waxed again by this time. So for the best result, you’ll need to wax the same area again every six weeks on average.
  • It can cause damage to the skin. Those with sensitive skin might experience redness and irritation after the procedure. It can cause mild to severe damage to your skin, depending on your skin’s level of sensitivity. We suggest not to apply wax on any part of your face if you have sensitive skin.

Laser Hair Removal Pros

  • Best for long-term results. If you are looking for permanent results, laser hair removal is best for you as the effects can last for years. But some enjoy the outcomes for months due to different factors and conditions.
  • It saves time. One session takes only a few minutes, depending on the part of your body you want to be lasered. Upper lip hair removal may take about 20 minutes, while removing hair from the back may take about an hour. However, you will only be under the laser for a couple of minutes.
  • It is safe. Laser hair removal doesn’t cause any short- or long-term damage to the skin. The procedure doesn’t cause redness or irritation even to those with sensitive skin. It is safe as long as a professional, licensed, or certified laser technician handles the procedure. You can have laser hair removal performed on any part of your body. If you are to wax yourself, it is impossible to remove bikini hairs and back hairs, but using a laser makes it possible.
  • It is not painful. The pain of waxing can’t be compared to the pain the laser hair removal gives. While you can still feel some sensations, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as waxing. It only feels like an elastic band snapped on your skin, as most testimonials write.

Laser Hair Removal Cons

  • It is most effective on fair skin and dark hair. Anyone can undergo laser hair removal. Its effects are more evident and more effective on people with light skin and dark hair because the hair is more visible, which the laser technician can see very well. If you have blond hair and dark skin, you can still opt for this method.
  • It is more expensive for a single session. Compared to waxing, a single session of laser hair removal costs way more. But over a prolonged period of time, it can be more cost-efficient. Besides, some clinics offer different payment methods or plans that make settlement more manageable.
  • Multiple treatments are required. After you have availed of a laser hair removal service, you will be asked to return after some time. You won’t see an instant result succeeding your first session, but the effect will last longer.

We hope that all this information helped you decide on what hair removal procedure to choose. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, we recommend you get laser hair removal, but if you have decided to go for waxing, we suggest scheduling a regular waxing appointment at least once a month. Whichever you opt for, Luxe Beauty Day Spa offers both.

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