Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetics services that you can find in a cosmetics spa or cosmetics shop. One of the main reasons it is popular among men and women alike is that it can remove ingrown hair caused by shaving. If executed properly, it results to clean shaved areas and it can save a lot of time from not needing to shave the exposed areas every day. If you are searching for more information about laser hair removal, you came to the right place. Here at Luxe Beauty Day Spa, we will be sharing with you an article discussing the important things to know about laser hair removal. If you are interested and want to know more, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

What is laser hair removal? It is a procedure that removes unwanted hair in the different areas of the body. The process is carried out by exposing the specific part of the body that you’re looking to treat to pulses of laser light that will destroy the affected hair follicle. It became safe and commercially available for public use around 1995-1996. 

If you are planning to undergo a laser hair removal treatment, check out below the important things that you must know about laser hair removal. 

Consider Going for Free Consultations

If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal, you must go for free consultations so that you can ask questions about the procedure. You can schedule one with a cosmetics spa like Luxe Beauty Day Spa. Feel free to ask about what to expect, what happens during the procedure, and what to do after the treatment, etc. so that you can decide whether it is the right procedure for you or not. 

When is the Best Time to Go For Laser Hair Removal?

You can go through laser hair removal treatment during the fall and winter months because it is best to avoid sun exposure during the length of your laser hair removal treatment. It is also important to avoid indoor tanning salons. Sunscreen use is recommended to protect your skin from irritation, which is a common side effect due to sun exposure. 

Exfoliating Can Produce Great Results

Three days after laser hair removal treatment, you can exfoliate your affected skin so that you can experience good results quickly. This will also help prevent ingrown hairs and release any trapped hairs so that they will easily fall off. 

Shave Fully Before Going to Your Appointment

You must shave thoroughly before going to a laser hair removal appointment. It’s important to use a new razor so that you can have the least amount of hair in your body. The less hair you have, the more painless the treatment will be. If you have stubble, the laser will burn it and you can feel a strong zap on the affected part during the procedure. In between treatments, you must continue shaving your hair; you will notice that there will be less hair and different texture on the affected part as the treatment continues.

The hair will be softer and grow slower than before. You must shave regularly so that you can notice the effects on your body. Doing so makes it easier to let your laser technician know which areas of your body they must focus their attention on during the next treatment session. You must not forget to take before and after pictures. A video can also show the difference the treatment makes. 

No Downtime 

The treatment will last, depending on the areas of your body that you are targeting. The treatment usually ends after ten minutes or so. It will usually take around 7-8 treatment sessions to get the results that you are aiming for. Other treatments may require lesser sessions and you can go on maintenance treatments at least once a year. 

What Are the Things to Consider Before, During, and After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Before Laser Hair Removal

Before going to the laser hair removal treatment, you must avoid sun exposure. The skin will build up excess pigment when exposed to the sun, which will make it hard for the laser to distinguish the unwanted hair. It can also increase the risk of side effects caused by pigmentation. You must use sunscreen with at least 50 SPF and apply it whenever you need to go outside your house or when sun exposure is inevitable. 

You must avoid bleaching, plucking, threading, or waxing the hair 6-8 weeks before undergoing the treatment. You must ensure that the hair root and pigment are preserved as it is crucial for the success of the laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal treatments focus on the active hair growth cycle. If your hair has a full active cycle, it will result in more effective treatment and can even lower the treatment sessions that will be required to complete it. 

Before going to your treatment, you must shave the area to be treated a day or night before the appointment of the hair removal treatment. This will help prevent thermal injury on the skin as there will be no hair on the skin’s surface to take in the laser’s energy. The laser will just go directly to the hair follicle. 

If the facial area will be undergoing laser hair removal, the Master Esthetician will advise you to discontinue the use of skin care products before treatment begins. This will include exfoliants and blemish-control facial products because they contain active ingredients that can affect the integrity of the epidermis and sensitize it to high doses of laser light. 

During the Laser Hair Removal

During laser hair removal treatment, you must consider safety measures. The client must be wearing protective eye gear because you will be prone to retina damage if you will be exposed to the laser without proper eye protection. Chilled air will be combined with the laser so that there will be a minimal chance for damage in the epidermis and also increase the comfort of the client. Local anesthetic can also be used during laser hair removal treatment if necessary. 

After the Laser Hair Removal

After the laser hair removal treatment, the affected area may have redness and swelling near the follicles and may resemble large goosebumps. 

After 2-3 weeks of the treatment, around 10-20% of the affected hair will fall off. Because it will be a healing phase, you must be careful because the affected area will be sensitive. You must avoid rubbing or scratching it. If scabs develop on the affected area, do not pick at it or scratch it, let it fall off on its own. You can apply aloe vera ointment a few times a day to soothe it so that you can prevent it from getting too dry. Do not shave the affected area if there are scabs or if it is swollen. 

Swelling can happen, so you must apply a cold compress. You can use ice and wrap it with a soft clean cloth. If there is pain, you can take over-the-counter medications like paracetamol to manage the pain. Avoid taking medications like aspirin or ibuprofen as they can have reactions to exposure to laser light. Avoid applying makeup on the affected area.

Avoid excess rubbing as it can cause the treated area to be infected and be prone to scarring. You must also avoid strenuous exercise or extreme sports after two days following the treatment. You can perform light exercises such as walking. 

Avoid going to saunas, steam baths, hot baths, or showers. Swimming in pools with chlorine treatment after two to three days of the hair removal treatment must be avoided. Do not use bleaching creams, lotions, or perfume products within 24-48 hours after the treatment. Skin exfoliation or peel treatments must be avoided during the first 7 days after the treatment. Wear loose clothing within 2 to 3 days after the treatment.

If you see any signs or symptoms of infection such as fever, pus, tenderness, or extreme pain, you must let the clinic or the master esthetician know as soon as possible. You must follow the post-treatment skin care procedures that will be recommended to you by the master esthetician or laser technician to avoid any complications from happening. 

When choosing a cosmetics shop for your laser hair removal treatment, you must choose a reliable and trustworthy clinic. At Luxe Beauty Day Spa, our estheticians have undergone strict clinical training and they have licenses to practice their craft. We always make sure to provide a safe and perform the latest laser hair removal guidelines. Our clients are usually required to undergo 3-8 treatment sessions, but it may vary depending on the different factors. 

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